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Many 'gurus' want you to believe that it's the right landing page, sales funnel, email responder, webinar provider, podcast, Facebook live script, instagram post or blog swipe file that will make the difference to your marketing success...

... but unfortunately that's just plain wrong!

This means they are wasting time searching for the next magic piece of software, webinar template or copywriting swipe file...because the answer doesn’t lie there. 

The secret to making your audience and business grow isn’t in the vehicle you use to share your message... it lies in the content you’re sharing!

But...I’m not talking about that ‘How to’ educational content that you can find easily elsewhere and that will have you on a production treadmill that feels completely overwhelming.

The truth is that the most powerful tools and content for growing your business are inside of you... they are your own stories!

Your authentic stories are what make people stop, engage with you, trust you and say 'yes'... buy your coaching programmes... and you can use them in every form of speaking and marketing, and at every stage of the customer acquisition journey.

I know you landed here for a reason. You may already know that stories are the answer to getting the results you want, but you feel like you don’t have any or that your stories aren’t interesting enough to share. 

I’m telling you neither of those things are true!

You just need some help to find them and capture them in the right way, so that they can start working their magic for you.

That’s what I’m here to help you with...BUT...only if you’re prepared to:

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and trust that you have all the resources you need to succeed

  • Step outside your comfort zone and try something new

  • Commit to taking action and following the process

  • Have fun discovering the ‘little’ stories from your past and present that could make you a fortune!

    I deliberately used the word ‘little’ there because I’m not talking about long, epic stories...I’m not talking about your perfectly crafted origin story (although that is an amazing tool to have in your marketing bag) ...no! 

    I’m talking about what I call ‘snackable stories’ that you can tell in around three minutes to grab attention, connect with your audience and create those ‘aha’ moments that build your relationship with them.

    You can use them everywhere, in....

  • Facebook lives

  • Videos

  • Podcasts

  • Webinars

  • Blogs

  • Emails

  • Sales pages

  • Groups

  • Instagram stories

  • Pitches

  • Keynotes

  • 121 conversations

As a speaking coach and story consultant, I’ve helped many people find their stories that sell.

I’m on a mission to help those who want to make a difference share their message in a way that changes their lives and the lives of others...

...and I believe stories are the best way for you to do that.

That's why I've created this amazing challenge for you!!


Snackable Story Challenge

This challenge will take you through the 3 steps to Snackable Story success:

Finding Your Snackable Stories

(No more "I just don't have anything to say")

  • 10 story prompts to unlock the unique, amazing stories hiding in your memory

  • The 'Story Catcher' template part one will guide you through turning your memory into a story 

Making Your Stories 'Sticky'

(Yes you can be engaging & captivate your audience!)

  • Video training on ways to make your stories more relatable, memorable and shareable

  • The 'Story Catcher' template part two will help you add the 'wow' to your story

  • Sharing Your Stories Powerfully

    (The fast way to create quality leads)

  • A powerful structure for sharing your 'snackable' stories & an accompanying PDF template you can use again and again

  • Video training on tips for rocking your videos

  • ...and it will work whether your message relates to:

    • Business improvement or growth

    • Health and wellness 

    • Spiritual wellness

    • Life or Relationship Coaching

    • Sports or performance

    • Mental resilience

    Sarah Archer Filming

    Imagine having a bank of 'snackable stories' at your finger tips that you're able to flex in different ways to engage your audience and build highly engaged leads. 


    How different would it feel standing in front of that microphone or camera knowing that you have a simple, yet powerful structure for sharing your content that allows you let go of the script, connect with your audience and be your authentic self?

    What Past Challengers Have to say...

    Darran Berry & Jackie Reeves

    Ava Neves Testimonial SSC

    Lexa Wokersien

    I would recommend Sarah's 5 day story challenge to anyone looking to develop their storytelling skills.

    I was amazed after the first day how I had identified a large number of story opportunities from simple memories of everyday life. Sarah was then very knowledgeable and super supportive in helping us to structure and craft these to increase their impact and bring them to life.

    Joanne Hennessy

    I'm not giving you the scripts with the exact words to say that make you sound like a clone of everyone else. This challenge will give you new skills, confidence, a structure to guide you, and a way to access your original and unique stories that will make you...

    ...completely authentic and relatable!

    Why work with me?

    If we haven't met before and you're wondering who I am and why I'm qualified to be sharing this stuff...hopefully this helps.I'm a comedian, actress, speaker, writer, marketer and coach. 

    I've performed comedy and acted all over the UK for nearly 20 years. I've also written a cheeky little play, (which I'm very proud of), called 'Dearly Beloved' and that has been published and performed internationally.

    On top of that I've penned a couple of business books on pitching and how to add humour to your talks. Alongside that fun stuff, I spent a long time in the corporate world leading HR departments, and I'm an NLP practitioner too. (My Dad would say I'm a jack of all trades and master of none but now that's called a portfolio career!)

     This mix means I'm uniquely qualified to teach you how to use stories in a way that will make your audience sit up, listen, and fall in love with your message. 

    All of which will help to grow your career, brand or business. (P.S. You may also know me from my podcast 'The Speaking Club', which is in over 180 countries and growing!)

    Sarah Archer
    Wordworker Logo

    “Sarah is excellent at asking those ‘why’ questions and teasing out ideas and information so I ended up with an origin story, and ultimately a pitch, that I am happy with and feel fully reflects me, what I do, and why I do it.”

    Jo Smyth, Wordworker

    Digital Trading Logo

    "Sarah gave a great insight into storytelling, how to use it as a very powerful marketing tool and it has already allowed me to present complex concepts in simple terms. This is not just a sales training. It helps on so many levels! Thank you!”

    Bart Janaszek, Operations Director, Digital Trading

    Jon Booth

    “I was unsure what to expect, but had absolute faith and confidence in what Sarah could do for me. I wasn’t disappointed, from the very first session, Sarah guided me in how to present in a much more engaging way. Sarah taught me a number of techniques and methods, from my posture to even being able to add appropriate humour."

    Jon Booth, Project Manager

    Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

    "Sarah knows her stuff and she knows people. She’s kindly nurturing but direct and holds you to task in all the right ways - the perfect balance of heartfelt understanding with supportive structured systems. I cannot recommend her enough. If you’re looking for a speaking coach and a marketing mentor, look no further than Sarah Archer. Five stars all the way."

    Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, The Healthy Gut Clinic